Sony Ericsson z610i – More than a mobile phone.

Sony Ericsson z610i is more than just a mobile phone. Some of the greatest features pertaining to on-the-move communication coexist in this Sony Ericsson model with specialized multimedia capabilities and advanced imaging options. For starters, it can be said that the Sony Ericsson z610i can be used as a digital camera as well as a music player.

It can be used for web browsing and that too at very high speeds. Bluetooth connectivity ensures that the Sony Ericsson z610i is compatible with a wide gamut of other electronic gadgets. And the best part is that the Sony Ericsson z610i is a third generation (3G) handset. This makes it quite a powerful mobile phone model to acquire and use.

The Sony Ericsson z610i is a stunner, when it comes to looks. The handset comes with a hidden mirror effect that increases the visual appeal of the same to a significant extent. One can listen to music on the move; browse the Internet; receive and send emails; or may be just make reservations online. All these and more is possible in the Sony Ericsson z610i.

There is a 2.0 mega-pixel digital camera which is built into the handset model. The navigation of the camera options are easy and straight forward; you are not required to be a rocket scientist to understand the way to operate this specialized capability of the gadget. There is a screen view finder a well as dedicated menus, which makes using the handset an experience in itself.

And the great part is that the handset can be used to make video calls. Imagine seeing the expressions of love or sometimes even anger on the face of your loved ones, as and when you talk to them and that too in real time. With instant email and total Java support, the Sony Ericsson z610i makes for a potent combination.

Sony Ericsson K550i: Come to Feel the Real Technology

The latest Sony Ericsson K550i mobile phone handset is lightweight gadget making it easy for the user to carry it in the pockets. The 85 grams weighing K550i is too slim with only 14mm in depth & compact with a height of 102mm & a width of 46mm. coming in a jet black colored casing & a pearl white the K550i also has a digital camera inside it.

The Sony Ericsson phone comes along with a beautiful 262k colour TFT type screen with a high screen resolution. The photos taken by the user with the mobile phone can be purely and clearly viewable on the high resolution screen. The phone also has a large collection of colourful animated wallpapers which can be downloaded by the user. The handset even gives the opportunity of saving personal photos as wallpapers.

The Sony Ericsson mobile phone has a high quality 2 megapixel camera. It is possible for the user to take photos instantly by sliding the lens cover. The camera connected with the mobile phone features a digital zoom, photo light, auto focus permitting the user take a focused & clear photo every time. The mobile camera feature is also beneficial for the user with video recording capabilities permitting the user to take & save video footage.

Also the Sony Ericsson K550i mobile phone has a built in media player through which the user can download music on their handset. It also has a FM radio complete with RDS helping the user to listen their favourite radio station. The Sony Ericsson K550i mobile phones also make it possible to download polyphonic ringtones.

The mobile phone also has additional features like an alarm clock, stopwatch, calculator, calendar, notes, tasks, phone book & business card exchange. It is possible for the user to share the contact details easily using the business card exchange feature while managing the phone book easily storing all their contact names & numbers. The mobile phone also has the function of call conference, making it ideal for group discussions and arrangements.

Sony Ericsson K220i: Slim and elegant

Sony Ericsson phones are beautifully built with a well designed keypad. The camera phones and the Walkman phones appeals to photography and music lovers with highest quality. The multitude of amazing features of these phones is designed to meet all your mobile related needs. These trendy and fashionable handsets include various features like music controls, FM radio, high quality camera, colour display screen and more.

The sleek Sony Ericsson K220i comes with user-friendly features like a 65K colour screen, keypad navigation tool and shortcut keys. The built-in FM radio ensures that you are always updated with the sports results, news or music. The handset offers a 65k colour screen so you can view colourful picture wallpaper, pictures, screensaver, videos and messages.

The camera feature of Sony Ericsson K220i can be switched to record video allowing you to record moving footage and taking still photos. The 2MB built-in memory, a removable battery, WAP browser are some of the features that add on to the amazing feature set. The dual band lets you switch between the two bands automatically.

Messaging services include text messaging, predictive texting and multimedia messaging. Enjoy a conference call that allows a group of contacts to talk on one call. Other features include an integrated alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, calculator and calendar. The handset offers a built-in VGA camera and photo album, so you can capture special moments instantly with a single click. Activate the loudspeaker for handsfree conversation with others. You can use your phone hands-free which is an easy way to share a conversation with your friends.

This reliable handset comes with easy to use features like a WAP browser to allow you to gain access to the web. This slim and elegant handset fits comfortably into your pocket.
You can find the Sony Ericsson K220i with many attractive deals available in online mobile phone shops.

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Sony Ericsson K200i Cham is a fun mobile phone that comes in an attractive casing

Sony Ericsson phones comprises of top of the range camera phones featuring the very best photography features with new and exciting designs. These days, people wish to have a single device that performs various tasks. The latest Sony Ericsson phones satisfy your musical and photography requirements by incorporating the best of high quality features in their handsets.

The Sony Ericsson K200i is a fun mobile phone that comes in an attractive casing. This camera phone is always ready to capture special moments. Whether you need to view your images on the phone screen or transfer them to your computer, you can do it easily with your Sony Ericsson K200i Cham.

The VGA camera and photo album are accessible with just one click on the dedicated button. Store upto 40 images, view pictures in full screen and share them with friends. Navigation is easy with the handset. The substantial 2MB memory allows for saving of contact details, messages and pictures. The VGA camera allows you to capture all the fun and special features. The ideal size handset can easily slip into your pocket. The large keypad with easy to access keys and integrated features are a pleasure to use.

The Sony Ericsson K200i Cham sports a VGA camera that allows you to take snaps and capture all the special fun moments. Record video clips and store recordings on your phone. The key features of the handset include a built-in digital camera with screen viewfinder, dedicated menus and brilliant imaging and messaging features. To activate the loudspeaker, you need to switch to speakerphone and share a conversation with others.

So if you are looking for a basic handset that includes features like digital camera, you dont need to go further. In the recent years, Sony Ericsson has made a lot of advancements in their phones.

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