Sony Ericsson W760i : Change yourself with the trend

Mobile phones have truly changed the entire facet of wireless communication. In fact, these tiny gadgets have amazingly simplified our communication process to a great extent. Mobile communication actually help us in various ways. With the support of these high-end gadgets you can stay connected with your near and dear ones no matter wherever you are. Moreover, these days various top-notch manufacturers are available.

Quite interestingly, everyone claims to be the best. In such a case, the ultimate sufferer can be the customers. In fact, they fail to make a smart choice while selecting a personal handset. However, you should compare the specifications of all the latest handsets before making a decision of purchase. However, in spite of all these Sony Ericsson cannot needs to be praised. This brand always succeeds to touch the stimulation chord of the mobile phone users. In fact, they try to visualise the demand of the users and then produce handsets with those specific functionalities.

The Walkman series handsets quite logically explain the strategy of the Sony Ericsson brand. It knows that music has become the integral apart of our lives. As such, to launch music dedicated handsets became its priority. Numerous models have been grouped under this category. However, the latest and the most special Sony Ericsson W760i handset requires special mention. This is also a very dedicated music handset which has even been enhanced with various other high-end features too. The sleek and compact design of this gadget amazingly compliments its the glossy outlook. The vibrant TFT colour screen of this handset would never let you down. Even low priority images would be displayed elegantly and that too supported with 262k colours. High resolution images getting displayed on the screen would automatically enhance the visual clarity at ease.

The storage capacity of this mobile phone would also support you a lot. Its 40 MB internal memory come with memory expansion option. However, it needs to be mentioned that the available storage capacity can be expanded up to 4 GB with a microSD card. A user can store almost very item in his or her handset and 4 GB memory is quite enough in real sense. A high resolution camera also comes embedded in this gadget. Moreover, the 2.5x digital zoom would support you to shot the close details of distant images at ease. The flash option can be regarded as the most important factor in photographing. Those enhanced option permit the photographer to ignore the lighting conditions. In fact, no matter whether there the is poor or high light this option supports to capture bright and crispy images. This Sony Ericsson W760i camera handset has even been complimented with this high-end flash feature.

The enticing music player that comes incorporated in this gadget would further ensure that your entertainment factors are never compromised. This highly advanced music player has the potential to support music file formats such as AAC, MP3 and eAAC. Moreover, this handset is not only restricted to offer you just musical entertainment. In fact, with this highly advanced handset you can every enjoy viewing video clips. This gadget has the capability to support video file formats such as 3GP and MPEG4. Now to express you feelings in a better manner you can even seek the support of the multimedia messaging options. Various messaging options are enhancing this mobile phone. They are particularly SMS, MMS and instant messaging. These options would help you to stay connected with your friends and relatives in a very cost-effective manner.

The other extra features that adorn this Sony Ericsson W760i handset are voice dial, voice memo, currency converter, strong battery, video recorder, Bluetooth, Infra-red and USB etc. With these high end options your entertainment and connectivity concerns can be overruled. As such, it can be concluded that this handset has all the features to suit any type of lifestyle.

The Sony Ericsson W760i is truly a stylish mobile phone and has been enhanced with all the high-tech features. With this handset you can experience flawless connectivity no matter wherever you are.

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Sony Ericsson G700i: Style in a redefined manner

Sophisticated mobile phones for the smart generation is the hall mark of the way the Sony Ericsson thinks. This has crafted a number of 3G Smartphone which comes in a solid candy bar shaped casing and attractive style. The latest G700i is its splendid creation. The casing of this latest mobile phone is available in a distinctive silk bronze coloured casing which makes this handset look classy & elegant in design.

The casing of G700i is easy to carry & use as it measures 13 mm in depth, 106 mm in height & 49 mm in width. It weighs only 99 grams including the fitted battery. The frontal view of this model is dominated by its 2.4 Inch touch screen and displays up to 262K colours with an enhanced screen resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. The touch screen of this handset allows the user to make menu selection, select features & input text smartly. The user with the help of fingers or a stylus to control the touch screen activation, can enjoy a hassle free operation. This model is a lineage of the G range and has been designed with usability in mind.

Packed with the Symbian™ based operating system, the Sony Ericsson G700i is all about style and performance. TheG700i comes with highly useful Smartphone features like the handwriting recognition feature, document reader & a document editor. The 3G technology offers the user high speed internet services & high speed data transfers which are up to 384 kilobytes per second. The 3G technology synonymous with third generation network allows the user to enjoy video streaming, high speed Internet surfing & mobile email services . The user can connect their G700i to compatible devices using either a wireless Bluetooth® connection or a USB cabled connection to transfer files, images or music. The tri band GSM network with UMTS 2100 support of this mobile phone allows the user to enjoy roaming though out Europe & the majority of the US.

A built in Opera™ Web browser of the Sony Ericsson G700i provides the user with access to the world wide web & the user can enjoy high speed web surfing without any problem. This mobile phone is packed with with 160 megabytes of internal user memory. The phone also comes with a memory card slot which allows the user to add a Micro™ M2™ memory stick to expand the memory further to meet the storage needs. A fitted battery of this handset can provide up to 12 hours GSM talk time or 5 hours UMTS talk time from a fully charged battery. The battery offers approximately 380 hours worth of standby time or 2.5 hours worth of UMTS video call time to the user.

The easy to use, built in 3.2 mega pixel camera of the Sony Ericsson G700i allows the user to snap & capture their memories as a still picture or when in video mode the user can recording moving footage using the video recording specification. The built-in camera is complete with a 3 x digital zoom & a photo light to brighten up those darker surroundings. The photo fix camera feature of the camera allows the user to get the best quality picture as the photo fix feature can adjust the light balance and contrast of the photo. The built in image stabiliser specification helps the user to capture still pictures & video recordings knowing that the smaller hand movements will not affect the overall quality of the image or video recording. The user can select the red eye reduction feature when he is taking a picture of a person & using the flash.

The Sony Ericsson G700i supports Bluetooth® stereo A2DP to allow the user to enjoy a wireless connection to their compatible headphones. The built in PlayNow™ specification helps the user to download music within three clicks which is the quickest & easiest way to download favourite music. The Sony Ericsson G700i comes with a Mega Bass™ bass frequency feature & a TrackID™ music recognition feature for the ease of music lovers.

Sony Ericsson W910i: Trendy yet dynamic!

Sony Ericsson W910i is an incredibly stylish phone hat belongs to the famous Walkman series by Sony Ericsson. This phone is a complete package, as it is packed with advanced functionalities and astounding looks. Catering to people who are looking for a stylish and trendy phone with dynamic and latest features; this mobile has definitely won the laurels of their mobile users by the high class performance. This phone is designed to define perfection. This advanced version of the various Walkman phones is inclusive of many happening features which are user friendly and hassle free to use. This ultra stylish phone comes with a slider mechanism enhancing its looks.

The total weight of this phone is only 86 grams and it measures 99.5 mm high 50 mm wide and 12.5 mm thick making this handset exceptionally sleek and very comfortable to carry for the user and smoothly swoop it in the pocket. In order to add more appeal to the beauty of this phone, Sony Ericsson Mobiles has made it available to the users in two very attractive colours Hearty Red, Nobel Black, Havana Bronze, and Silky White. It also has the stainless steel detailing along with a 2.4 inches wide TFT screen that is capable of producing a high quality resolution of 240 x 320 pixels along with 256 K colours. The phone a smooth keypad and easy navigation buttons.

This Walkman phone has some other brilliant features like it supports GRPS, EDGE and UMTS which allows fat and speedy web browsing experience for the user. One of the best parts of this phone is that it also supports the HSDPA technology that speeds up the processing and transferring of files. Sony Ericsson W910i has an option of USB and Bluetooth connectivity as well, that helps you connect the phone with your personal computer to download or upload your favourite songs or any other data like pictures, songs, games and many more.

This graceful handset is capable of storing more than 8000 songs. The user can effortlessly upload and download songs with the help of the USB connectivity feature of the phone. All you need is to connect the phone with your personal computer with the help of the data cable that is available with this handset. This mobile is more like a music device and is the best way to get you entertained, since listening to music is preferred by everyone. Listening to Music on this phone refreshes your mind especially when the sound quality is impeccable. This sound produced by the W910i is distortion free and very soothing.

The user has the option of using this music device to explore the photographic skills in you. With the help of the 2.0 megapixel camera you can capture all your precious moments of your life. The camera is supported by a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels which delivers bright and clear images. The phone has a secondary camera which is basically used for the purpose of videocalling. The device is incorporated with 40MB of internal memory that makes it stand a step ahead of its competitors with similar phones.

The main attraction of Sony Ericsson W910i is the integrated Shake control button. This feature is essentially used to shuffle the play list and change the order of the music tracks. The motion sensor that is present in this handset allows the user to change the track according to the direction. This multi-utility device has a lithium polymer 930 mAH battery which is responsible for 9 hours of constant talk time and a stand by time of more than 400 hours, which is pretty good for a phone comprehensive of so many features.

Sony Ericsson W910 will satisfy the mobile needs of people of all kind by all odds.

Sony Ericsson C905: Make way for the Legend

Today in this world of technology, Sony Ericsson Mobiles is a brand that needs no introduction. Sony Ericsson has always been in news for their association with the remarkable music mobile gadgets. Their widgets are very popular especially among the young generation and all the music lovers. With Sony Ericsson C905, manufacturers are now going a step further and are now aiming to reach the top position in the market which has been inhabited by the likes of Nokia, Motorola and Samsung.

Following is the detailed description of its features:

Starting with looks and size, this widget from Sony Ericsson Mobiles is clearly a winner. Yes blessed with sophisticated looks and unparalleled design this mobile phone is unique in all sorts. With dimensions of 104 x 49 x 18-19.5 mm and weighing only 136 grams this mobile gadget proves the above mentioned statement. Not to forget the vibrant 2.4-inch TFT display screen that provides the seamless imaging solutions at a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. Also it has got the Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate feature in it.

Moving further to the memory section then again here too this widget emerge victorious. It is because it comes with an internal memory of 160 mega bytes with a 2 GB card. Also there is also an expansion of memory which could be done through memory stick micro card. Its phonebook can store around 1000 phone numbers in 20 different categories. In addition to that it can also keep the call records of last 30 received, dialed and missed calls. Talking about the connectivity section then Sony Ericsson C905 has got all kinds of latest state of art technologies such as the GPRS, EDGE, 3G HSDPA and WLAN. Along with that it also has the built-in Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP.

The main or the chief USP of this phone gadget is that it has got a 8.0 mega pixels embedded camera with features such as autofocus, image stabiliser, Xenon flash and has even got the secondary videocall camera. Needless to say the built-in camera gives the most crystal clear images that a customer would ever come across. In addition to that it also comes with a built-in GPS receiver and a GPS function. It also has Java MIDP 2.0, FM radio with RDS, MP3/AAC/MPEG4 player with TrackID music recognition and picture editor/blogging. Even the standby time of Sony Ericsson C905 is around 380 hours.

All in all, Sony Ericsson C905 is a widget that has not only got the best camera but also the best features.


Sony Ericsson C702 : Latest Technological Marvel

Keeping in mind the exotic features of this phone, it does not lack behind in any aspect. It is magnificent package of magnificent and fantastic features which definitely handles with great care of all the users' needs. This attractive phone comes in two vibrant colors like Speed Black and Cool Cyan. This phone is blessed with an outstanding 3.2 mega pixels camera among camera mobile phones.

Given the wonderful camera facility, the user can definitely explore their photography caliber. Such a high-quality camera can conveniently replace the usage of existing digital cameras present in the market. Above all, this device also has flash which enables the user to click images in the places where there are pathetic lighting conditions. In addition, it also has auto focus and the option for the user to make videos.

The Sony Ericsson C702 will help the user never get lost at an unknown place ever. It has an in-built Global Positioning system installed in it. This preloaded system is normally called the GPS Navigation System which helps the user to explore unknown and unfamiliar places at ease. With the help of this function, the user will not have to cease the car while driving and ask for directions from strangers. This GPS receiver has many maps already installed in it since its arrival in the market. The one who uses this function will definitely thank the company of installing such a spectacular feature in the mobile handset.

In addition to it, listening to music is a very easy task. It refreshes the mind of the user and some consider it as a big stress-releaser. It is the ultimate way of how one can entertain himself. This phone provides this option of listening to music with excellent and fantastic sound quality which is distortion-free. It has a MP3 Player as well as an FM radio with RDS. It also has the Track ID music recognition feature. It has an internal memory of 160MB with the facility to expand the memory with the help of a memory card. The Memory Stick Micro (M2) is used in this phone. Eventually, the user can store as many files as wanted.

The Sony Ericsson C702 comes with some of the most advanced features that will give you best performance all the time. The gadget is equipped with advanced features like GPS system, advanced face focus feature etc. The C702 showcases the highly efficient A-GPS system which is powered with the Google Maps facility with which the users can easily get information regarding various places.

One can easily share the pictures and videos on the blogs. It features 3.2 mega pixels camera with an advanced auto focus and digital zoom. It comes with a music player and built in FM radio. The device also comes with memory card slot for micro SD card. It has blue-tooth 2.0 feature for hassle free connectivity over the wireless media. The handset is well-equipped with the Access Net Front browser that provides amazing Internet access on it.

Feel the another dimension of mobile phones with Sony Ericsson C902

If you are in search of the best handset created on earth then Sony Ericsson C902 is probably something which is designed to fulfill your basic requirements. This feature-rich mobile phone is known to amaze its user with its durability and connectivity. Moreover its sleek appearance and ultra-stylish looks impresses the buyer and keeps him mesmerized for the day. This slim and handy device has a shiny outlook and is designed to suit the comfort of its users.

The handset looks like a candy bar and is facilitated with an easy to use keypad and a crystal clear screen. This handset is loaded with a 5 megapixel camera which delivers high-quality images and captures clean image. The camera of this phone is a Cyber-Shot digital camera which is featured with an autofocus, digital zoom, and image stabiliser. Moreover using the PictBridge feature one can print pictures on a printer right through their phone. Images can be adjusted by accessing icons that are situated around the screen of the handset.

This trendy phone is also integrated with video and music facilities. Its camera is facilitated with a video recorder and video stabiliser. The video stabiliser helps in avoiding movements of hand when recording. Furthermore, an in built video light illuminates surroundings which are dark and blurry. Moreover, the media player of the handset has multiple music functionalities like TrackID music recognition, Megabass and is also supported with a PlayNow feature which helps in downloading music. The phone also comes with a FM radio which entertains its users with the latest music tracks and keeps them informed about weather and current events.

Moreover, built in video light can be used to illuminate dark and blurry surroundings, while recording. Moreover, Sony Ericsson C902 is integrated with a media player which comes with useful music features such as a MegaBass, TrackID music recognition and supports PlayNow feature to download music. A built in FM radio keeps the user updated on songs, news, weather and current events. Moreover, the smart and sleek gadget has a huge memory space. It is facilitated with an internal memory of 160 MB which can also be expanded with the help of a card.

Moreover, this handset has connectivity to 2G and 3G networks and enables the user to enjoy internet connectivity. In addition to this data can be transferred through Infrared and Bluetooth. The phone's web browser allows the user to download files and listen to music. This Sony Ericsson device is equipped with a power-packed battery which offers standby time up to 400 hours and talktime up to 9 hours. This GSM-enabled phone has surely redefined technology and is the most-sought after handset in the contemporary market.

Sony Ericsson W580i: Check out the enticing features

Summary: The Sony Ericsson W580i is a stylish slide opening phone which is enclosed with useful and powerful multimedia and communication features. The users enjoy listening to music, capturing images, playing games and many more on this gadget.

The Sony Ericsson W580i pink is a very classy and elegant phone. It is designed keeping music lovers in the mind. The handset offers an element of style in life. It focuses highly on music, imaging and communication features. It has won laurels of many potential users, world over. The high class performance with maximum features make this widget an incredibly high-end widget. The appealing and astounding looks of the phone often moves the head of onlookers. Keeping in mind the high-tech range of features this phone does not lack behind in any aspect. As a matter of fact, it is a complete package of useful and potent features that definitely takes good care of all the users needs. The urban grey with turquoise coloured keys and stylish white coloured casing with bright orange coloured keys make the handset an alluring piece.

The W580i is a compact handset with easy to open slider mechanism. It allows the users to view large colour screen in both its slide open as well as slide closed position. The phone is backed with external navigation and music controls. The users can access menu system even when the handset is closed The casing of the handset comes in the dimension of 99 mm in height, 47 mm in width and 14 mm in thickness. With a total weight of 94 grams, the users feel easy to access the handset in a single hand. A large TFT coloured screen sits smartly above the user-friendly navigation key. A wide screen has an ability to display up to 256 K colours. The perfect resolution of 240 pixel by 320 pixels on a screen offers sharp and crisp view to the users. The users experience life-like images, while viewing the screen.

This phone is backed with advanced imaging features, as it is blessed with an outstanding 2 megapixel camera. With high-tech imaging features, the users can explore their photographic skills. Some of the advanced imaging features are auto focus and flash. The built-in flash helps the users to capture the images even in the poor lighting conditions. The built-in camera is also enriched in advanced video capabilities. The users can record happy and memorable moments on the popular video formats. Such a high-quality camera can easily replace the usage of stand alone dedicated digital camera.

In addition to the camera features, one can enjoy listening to music on his or her phone at any time of the day. The clear sound reception of the music refreshes the mind of the listener. Therefore, it can be said that built-in music player and FM radio with RDS acts as a stress-buster for music lovers. This widget comes with an option of listening to music with excellent sound quality. The music player supports features such as TrackID music recognition, MegaBass and PlayNow. The Bluetooth stereo (A2DP) which transmits high quality stereo music from the W580i to the stereo headset.

The Sony Ericsson W580i grey is a 3G network enabled GSM phone that boasts of some of the very amazing features such as GPRS and EDGE. These features allow users to access mails at significantly higher speed and gives a pleasing web browsing experience. The handset is endowed with HSDPA technology which makes the processing and transferring of files faster. The Bluetooth wireless technology can be used to connect the phone to other compatible devices such as Bluetooth headsets, laptops and personal computers. The users can use a USB cabled connection to share or download the data and files with other devices.

To conclude, it can be said that Sony Ericsson W580i is a multimedia device incorporated with music player, camera, games and Internet.