Feel the another dimension of mobile phones with Sony Ericsson C902

If you are in search of the best handset created on earth then Sony Ericsson C902 is probably something which is designed to fulfill your basic requirements. This feature-rich mobile phone is known to amaze its user with its durability and connectivity. Moreover its sleek appearance and ultra-stylish looks impresses the buyer and keeps him mesmerized for the day. This slim and handy device has a shiny outlook and is designed to suit the comfort of its users.

The handset looks like a candy bar and is facilitated with an easy to use keypad and a crystal clear screen. This handset is loaded with a 5 megapixel camera which delivers high-quality images and captures clean image. The camera of this phone is a Cyber-Shot digital camera which is featured with an autofocus, digital zoom, and image stabiliser. Moreover using the PictBridge feature one can print pictures on a printer right through their phone. Images can be adjusted by accessing icons that are situated around the screen of the handset.

This trendy phone is also integrated with video and music facilities. Its camera is facilitated with a video recorder and video stabiliser. The video stabiliser helps in avoiding movements of hand when recording. Furthermore, an in built video light illuminates surroundings which are dark and blurry. Moreover, the media player of the handset has multiple music functionalities like TrackID music recognition, Megabass and is also supported with a PlayNow feature which helps in downloading music. The phone also comes with a FM radio which entertains its users with the latest music tracks and keeps them informed about weather and current events.

Moreover, built in video light can be used to illuminate dark and blurry surroundings, while recording. Moreover, Sony Ericsson C902 is integrated with a media player which comes with useful music features such as a MegaBass, TrackID music recognition and supports PlayNow feature to download music. A built in FM radio keeps the user updated on songs, news, weather and current events. Moreover, the smart and sleek gadget has a huge memory space. It is facilitated with an internal memory of 160 MB which can also be expanded with the help of a card.

Moreover, this handset has connectivity to 2G and 3G networks and enables the user to enjoy internet connectivity. In addition to this data can be transferred through Infrared and Bluetooth. The phone's web browser allows the user to download files and listen to music. This Sony Ericsson device is equipped with a power-packed battery which offers standby time up to 400 hours and talktime up to 9 hours. This GSM-enabled phone has surely redefined technology and is the most-sought after handset in the contemporary market.

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