Sony Ericsson Z610i Blue: The Enchanting Model

Like any other mobile phone from Sony Ericsson, the Sony Ericsson Z610i Blue also invited a lot of attention and curiosity at the time of its launch. And the best part is that this mobile handset never failed in maintaining the expectations of the users in this sector. As a result & within a brief period, this model from Sony Ericsson became one of the most selling phones in the market. The search for the reasons that made the Z610i model a big player in the market will take us to a series of features along with its attractive design.

Any person who has a leaning towards the products that have an enchanting beauty will definitely find the Sony Ericsson Z610i Blue handset simply mind blowing. Sony Ericsson has never compromised on the looks and design of any of its mobile phones. This has resulted in the arrival of various enticing models from time to time from Sony Ericsson. Like its predecessors, the Z610i model is also mesmerizing and enthralling in looks. The phone - in a super stylish reflective casing - comes in a choice of colors including luster black, airy blue and rose pink. The 110 grams weighing phone with a clamshell opening mechanism promises an excellent display experience on the TFT display screen.

Another adorable feature of the Sony Ericsson Z610i is its integrated camera. The 2 megapixel camera complete with 2.5 digital zoom is an asset for the users who have a passion for photography. Magnificent pictures can be clicked with this camera that could be stored, saved and shared among the friends and family members bringing an element of enjoyment into the handset.

Moreover, no music lover would turn his face away from the integrated music player that can play all popular music formats taking the musical entertainment of the handset to new heights. Among other fascinating features present in the phone, the expandable memory option, email facility, hands free talking facility, and push email service need to be mentioned.

Sony Ericsson W980i - For The Musically Inclined

Mobile phones with advanced capabilities for delivering music have been the forte of Sony Ericsson. As a matter of fact, handsets from this company are well-known in the industry for some of the best options in mobile multimedia and music. The walkman series of Sony Ericsson mobile phones are much in demand. The Sony Ericsson W980i is one of the more popular mobile handsets from this very amazing series.

One look at this handset, and you would feel like you are staring at a miniature music player. As a matter of fact, in the closed position, the handset can be specially used for listening to music. It is quite easy to control the music with dedicated keys that are placed in front of the handset. A user can know more about the songs that are being played by glancing at the front screen of the W980i.

The capability to store the latest songs and chart busters is another feature that makes the W980i from Sony Ericsson special to the music lovers. After all, who would not want to carry the maximum number of their favourite songs wherever they go? The 8GB of internal memory is adequate for storing all the soulful music as well as pulsating music tracks.

Downloading of music is also very fast and hassle free - a couple of clicks and the song that you were searching frantically even a couple of minutes ago, is in your mobile phone.

This Sony Ericsson W980i mobile phone comes with an integrated 3.2 megapixel camera with 3.2x digital zoom. The captured shots can be edited at will using special features such as Photo fix. The images can then be uploaded to special sites as part of picture blogging. Streaming of videos and capability of the handset to play video clips are the other two interesting functionalities of the handset in this domain.

The connectivity options that are a part of the Sony Ericsson W980i include Bluetooth, PictBridge, and USB support. Advanced capabilities to access the web make this Sony Ericsson phones very much popular among people leading active and hectic lives.