Sony Ericsson W910i: Composing life's background music!

Feeling low? Here are some soothing Rhythm & Blues melodies. Feeling funky? Shake with some peppy dance numbers! With an incredible play of technology, the Sony Ericsson W910i will sense your mood and play songs accordingly- with an application called SensMe- now that's what is called innovation. Certainly the most loved music phone till date, this little tech-fluffed device has much else: an in-built Speakerphone, digital camera, Bluetooth connectivity, very convenient PC to phone transfer through USB port along with a Memory Stick Micro slot for expandable memory.

A beautiful addition in the slider category, this music phone is a very sleek and sharp model, weighing merely 86 grams. It is available in 2 bold and basic colours: Hearty red and Noble Black. The slider reveals an etched-in, numeric keyboard, although wide enough for comfortable typing.

This beauty doesn't lag behind in technical specifications. It is compatible on the EDGE, GPRS, GSM, HSDPA (3G) networks. Featuring strong Bluetooth connectivity, it is also optimised for web browsing. Its 2 mega pixel camera captures pictures with good clarity and the generous 2.4 inch screen makes a good viewfinder and photo viewer. Its speakerphone ensures amazing voice clarity and phone is enabled for video calls. Loaded with such novel and user-friendly features, it has taken the market by storm. So much so, that the President of Sony Ericsson was surprised at the market enthusiasm created by the phone, which outshone even their own expectations?

The features that make this phone a class apart as a music phone are its music applications. SensMe is an application which allows creating music playlists based on the user's mood and state. Your constant companion (with a remarkable battery life of 9 hours), this music phone composes the perfect background music through the ups and downs of life! Another novel concept is its “Shake Control” application, which enables you to go the previous or next track seamlessly by just a single flick of the phone. Intuitively and appropriately crafted, a back and forth shake of the phone will shuffle up the songs for you. With supremely easy finger touch navigation, the application is optimised for easy and quick music downloads. So for a melodious experience, filled with a bit of tech-fun, the Sony Ericsson W910i is every music lover's dream machine.

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Sony Ericsson K850i - Impressive images. Innovative connectivity options

The Sony Ericsson k850i is a camera phone par excellence. As a matter of fact, the handset is in no way less than a standalone digital camera. It is evident that a lot of innovation and research has gone into the design and development of the sophisticated imaging options of the Sony Ericsson k850i. The fact that the Sony Ericsson k850i is one of the best camera phones currently available in the market should not cause any raised eyebrows.

Some people might find the small size of the handset a constraint as high end camera lens cannot be fitted in the same. However, this is more than made up with the incorporation of the Xenon and LED flash. These two features of the Sony Ericsson k850i camera phone ensure that the picture quality is in no way compromised.

One can use the Sony Ericsson k850i to get great images even in suboptimal conditions. The shutter lag of the integrated camera is 0.25 seconds. However, the best part about the camera options of the Sony Ericsson K850i is "ease of use." One need not be very tech-savvy to use and operate the mega-pixel camera options present in the Sony Ericsson k850i.

FM radio options and capabilities to download video clips ensure that there is never a dull moment with the K850i mobile phone from Sony Ericsson. The music related features are equally amazing. One could, for instance, know more about particular songs using the Track ID software of the handset. Quite innovative, isn't it?

One could also use the handset to make 3G video calls across geographical domains and in real time. Web browsing is also possible and users can remain connected to their world - even when they are on the move. Capabilities to subscribe to RSS feeds and Bluetooth compatibility are the other key features of this highly sophisticated mobile phone handset from Sony Ericsson.